1. How to login?

You have to log-in via your own Facebook account.

  1. Is Facebook login compulsory?

Yes. We use an in-game leaderboard system to rank users, details of which are fetched from Facebook only.

  1. Why people from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland or Sikkim not allowed to sign up?

As per government rules people from these states are not allowed to participate in any game of skills which involves real money.

  1. Is phone number compulsory?

Yes. All your earning and winning amount will be deposited in the Paytm number that you have registered on the app.

  1. How do I enter tournaments?

Once you sign in and enter the app. You can see in the tournament page sections all the live tournaments which are currently running. Details of the tournament like Joining amount, starting time of the tournament and ending time, Rewards, Capacity of players that can join the tournament is clearly mentioned. You can join tournament by paying the entry fee mentioned.

  1. Why do I get only limited chance to play in the tournament?

All our games are engineered for fair play. Each and every user gets the same in-game time to score and the number of chances.

  1. How do I check tournament after it ends?

All tournaments after ending can be checked in result window of Tournament page. If you haven't joined any tournament it won't show up there.

  1. How do I keep check of all my coin transactions and winnings?

You can click on the Coin button on the top left or Rupee icon on top right to check your respective transactions.

  1. What are coins?

Coins are in-game virtual currency of our app. You cannot buy or sell coins. You can use coins to join tournaments

  1. How to earn coins?

Coins can be earned by getting a daily reward bonus and by referral program where you invite others to join. If they join using your referral code you and your referred friend earn 50 coins each.

  1. How do I check my winnings?

You can check all your winnings in your profile section.

  1. How do I redeem my winning amount?

You can redeem your earnings via Paytm through the number that you have registered.

  1. Can I change my number?

Yes, you can update your number. Click redeem and click on update number.

  1. I don't use Paytm?

Currently we only support pay outs via Paytm. You can download Paytm and redeem your earnings.

  1. My Paytm KYC is not done?

You need KYC verified Paytm number to redeem your earnings.

  1. How do I get in touch with us?

You can contact us via for any queries or doubts related to our app GameBlitz. We will be very happy to help you.

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